Terms & Conditions

  • Entering a competition implies accepting rules and requirements, terms and conditions;
  • Registering to a competition implies payment of a registration fee whose amount and deadline are established by the competition’s Dates & Fees;
  • Registration fees are nonrefundable;
  • Registration of a participant or team is open to adults only. Team members may be under the age of 18;
  • Participants can join a competition individually or as part of a team;
  • PCC has set no maximum to the amount of participants per team;
  • Team members can have any professional background and may belong to any (or multiple) organization(s), company/companies or university/universities;
  • Paying a single registration fee enables a single project submission;
  • PCC does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status;
  • PCC does not discriminate on the basis of professional background;
  • By uploading materials, a participant/ his team declares to be the owner of all rights related to the materials;
  • Submission materials showing names or references to participants, teams or their identity will be removed;
  • Submission materials that are considered incomplete or incongruent to the criteria (e.g. size, title and type) as described in the competition’s requirements will be eliminated from the competition;
  • All materials submitted to the competition will become property of PCC, and therefore give PCC all rights to that material from that moment on;
  • PCC reserves the right to modify the proposals and text in order to better adapt them to any publication format, without changing the essence of the proposal itself;
  • The participant is responsible for using copyright-free images. PCC is not responsible for the use of protected images by the participants;
  • PCC is not responsible for potential privacy/copyright violations related to submitted material;
  • Participants who do not respect deadlines, payments or any other restraint are without questioning and automatically excluded from the competition;
  • PCC’s decisions on defects of form or other issues are incontestable;
  • Jury’s decisions are incontestable;
  • It is forbidden to participants to ask a juror about the competition;
  • PCC and the jury is not responsible for misinterpretation of provided material.
  • PCC is allowed to ask for personal data such as participants’ email address and phone number;
  • PCC is allowed and uses personal data (only names and nationality) for publications on websites.
  • PCC does not sell personal data to third parties.
  • PCC preserves the rights to keep the data for a longer period
  • PCC is free to use personal data for internal use to make sure we can inform participants of updates and relevant information.
  • Participants can at all times access, modify and delete their data. Restrict permission and to be able to withdraw it again (you can do this by contacting us via mail).
  • Data portability. This means that data subjects must be able to easily obtain their data and pass it on to another organization.
  • It is forbidden to participants to publicize their own proposal material before the conclusion of the competition;
  • PCC will publish all materials given appropriate attributes to the authors;
  • PCC is allowed to communicate news and updates on architectural competitions;
  • PCC is allowed to freely use and spread submitted material through print/online media;
  • PCC is allowed to amend uncertain terms of the competition through all of its channels;
  • If there are any complaints or questions, participants can file them via the contact form on the website.
  • PCC is not responsible for technical malfunctioning of its online platforms. For possible issues PCC does provides technical assistance;

* PCC=Phidias Community Cooking

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