Entry 8

The integrated village

My goals for this project were to:
– To create a sense of belonging for the residents of Dichterbij Velp, by providing safe opportunities to interact with the larger community.
– To build a physical environment which simultaneously stimulates the imagination, while promoting calm
– To provide social spaces with the opportunity for privacy and soothing.

A major component of this project was the establishment of a mini village on the grounds of the existing daycare center. This village features dual shopfront facades (secured entrances to the shops from the inner courtyard), which enables interaction with the general community, while giving an opportunity for the residents of Dichterbij Velp to gain real life skills in a sheltered, safe, and warm environment. The current offices were relocated into flexible office and meeting spaces within the mini village, allowing for future expansion of the children’s accommodations. Also encouraging interaction with the larger community are plans for an accessible children’s park and bicycle track, and an aquatic fitness center serving all members of the community.

Michelle Wagensberg

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