Entry 7

The integrated village

Velp and the rural estate of Mariëndaal constitute a unity. The estate becomes a park.

The current spatial state of affairs:
– undefined public realm and irregular green structure.
– many fences around the plots of the different functions.
– a large number of parking spaces everywhere on the estate.
– the traffic on the Bossche Baan produces a lot of noise.

Present values:
– the area has a lot of natural beauty: the woods around the estate, the double tree lines, some open views, a small lake nearby present the landscape character.
– Lindeplein and the Elisabeth church relate to each other.
– the former Mariëndaal cloister is religious cultural heritage.
– throughout history health care has been a central theme of the estate.
– the row of houses in the Kastanjelaan gives a strong structure and rhythm.

Our proposition:
– the area becomes a public park that is accessible to everyone.
– hedges, wooded banks and small ditches will define natural boundaries beside walls and gates.
– paths and routes cross one another and continue in the surroundings.
– spatial structures are enhanced by the tree lines and by open fields. These reinforce the pathstructure and orientation.
– increasing density of existing structures by realising the program in existing and additional new buildings nearby.
– the day care and workplaces are spread out, located at several locations like the camping, supermarket, productive land and coffee place at Buiten Gewoon.
– cars are visitors of the park, just few parking spots are defined under the trees. At the entrance of the park is a parking space.
– clients, visitors and staff will get around more and more on by bikes, tricycle, wheelchairs, rollators, beds or by foot.

Conclusion: Being aware of the available space is in the design proposal a well-considered approach for built as unbuilt areas. It starts by researching and knowing what you possess. And what space is available or can be made available. The approach is to remove and to correct spatial existing structures to improve overview and orientation of the estate. All the stakeholders of the properties need to be consulted for the proposed changes to the park. Several borders will vanish and people will relate to a different context. This design approach starts with defining the right questions, by clients and designers of different disciplines, from care till landscape.

Lidy Meijers
Wieger Bronstring
Eline Hoftiezer
Wouter Willers

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