Entry 6

Phidias Village

The concept behind the design of the new care village is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for the resident service users and the local community of Velp. The overall site plan has been developed in order to create a hive of activity for the service users and the local community safely by encouraging engaging activities from cookery classes, to arts and crafts and nature trails. Services such as a shared library with an interconnected advice centre will support families and the community and encourage learning through play and activity. The concept behind the bookable and flexible spaces is to encourage the local community to share the facilities with the residents outside of protected care times such as evening cookery classes or weekend food festivals.
A Village site App downloadable for personal mobile devices will engage and encourage the community to the site by communicating events such as farmers market days, family craft events to booking an evening or weekend cookery class, music lesson, even down to returning your overdue library books. The Architecture and landscape itself has been designed around the theory of generative space, by bringing nature, cultivation, culture and community into the space, a healing a nurturing environment will be embraced by all. The structure is of timber frame with timber cladding and a sedum roof. The undulating pitched green roofs create a domestic and welcoming yet sustainable and contemporary environment. The main shared hub has a more prominent feature roof in order to create a ‘destination’ for larger events for the public.

Alice Green

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