Entry 5

Living in a garden

At this moment the entrance of the site is hardly visible. Most of the existing buildings are introspective surrounded by fenced space. This results in an empty and uncultivated public space with lack of quality. “Living in a garden” investigates how architectural space can help to connect the site with the Village and integrate the clients of Dichterbij in the society of Velp.

Making connection
In this proposal a new square connects the site with the village of Velp. The square can be used for communal or fundraising activities. To create this square the existing activity centre is replaced by a new one. This new centre, which is orientated towards the square, also integrates the offices. The activity centre provides facilities as a café and a mini market in favour of the whole community. The existing parking area, dividing the terrain in pieces, is moved to the edges of the terrain providing that different functions can be connected. This area is replaced by a multifunctional playing field.

Walled gardens
The clients of Dichterbij have a need for care and protection. The need for care and protection is combined with the green character of the terrain by walled gardens. This is the central theme of the design. This concept makes no visible distinguishing between housing for ordinary people and houses dedicated to the clients of Dichterbij. New residential housing mixes houses for single people, elderly people, houses for families, community houses and care units to a society.

Kees Plomp

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