Entry 3

Dichter bij Velp

The Dichterbij Velp is situated in between a village and a terrain of production, a cloud away from the city of Arnhem, the Netherlands. Its strategic location will enable to welcome and activate an urban campus focused on care and leisure for the clients of the Dichterbij Velp and the community of Velp itself. In recent years, the community has been active by its incredible help and effort to accommodate clients, becoming a place that welcome diversity and openness while strengthening awareness and care. Dichterbij Velp has long been a home for care by providing a safe environment: a place where the community of communication and shared values can become a more enhanced place to be. So the central focus in our plan is on bringing that same spirit of care and openness to our building. The design serve as expressions of our caring values, re-imagining what is possible, exploring boundaries, and to bring transformative ideas to reality. We have designed an open system that recognize a multiplicity of communities and people, adapting to their distinctions and common interests. There the architectural frame is a porous membrane that create a network of potential interactions. In order to empower sociability, the idea is to bring together all communities, promoting encounters and exchange. Upon discovery of its openness, clients and visitors engage with the space, re-engaging the public with the physical realm, and triggering increased awareness and a care for one’s direct environment.

Maxwell Linstra
Erik Groenendijk
Ton Dekkers
Marloes Dijkink

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