Entry 1

Park Dichterbij

The site of Dichterbij Velp has great natural quality. We believe this quality is a huge potential for the further development of the site. Therefore, our design focusses on the development of the site as a whole. By doing so it aims to strengthen the feeling of safety for the inhabitants and improve social interaction and connection. To achieve this, carefully designed walking paths transform the current site into a park. These paths make the various natural qualities accessible and improve the familiarity of the inhabitants with the site. In addition, a walk enhances fitness and therefore improves confidence in your body. This growth in confidence combined with the increase in familiarity with the site improve the feeling of safety inhabitants experience within their living environment. In addition, a walk can lead to a subtle greet, or even elaborated form of interaction. Seperate routes are incorporated into the paths to ensure both a walk without much stimulus, and one that allows for interaction are possible. Along these paths activity pavilions are placed that replace the activity centre. These pavilions host space for activities in combination with a sensory experience. An architecture based on ‘snoezelen’. The decentralisation of the activity centre further enhances the connection between the site and its inhabitants. The current activity centre is transformed into three separate buildings containing fifteen individual studios. The building is stripped and partly demolished to create a clear and personal environment. Each of the buildings contains a common living room with open kitchen.

Wouter van Niel
Erik Zonneveld
Martin Buil

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