Honorable mentions

Team Hanna Prinssen

Set FOOD in Sittard

In this vision to the design, the history of the city centre is the main focus. It should get the sightlines towards the centre back by opening the spaces called “the fields of fire” (schootsvelden). Buildings mark the entrances to the centre, this way multiple open spaces are created that have a wide look to the historical core. The ring road will be connected to the centre by sightlines and is in this way more attractive to ride on. The main route through the centre will be downgraded to a multifunctional road where pedestrians are priority. The water and the green structure will be based on the historical look. Water will be brought back around the rampart. Not as a defence, but as a unique element for the centre. The green structure, based on the history, goes around the city centre and will form “the fields of fire”. This time not as a defence, but as a big backyard for the centre where food can be made.

The new identity of Sittard will be combined with food. The green structure around the historical core will be used as an area for urban agriculture. Way back in time this used to be the normal way of producing food directly next to the city. Nowadays people just buy their food in the supermarket not knowing how its been made and where it came form. To bring this old fashion way of food production back into the city, people can experience the agriculture, learn from it and become aware of the food production. The vacant premises can participate in this new activity. They can be used to produce food as well or to sell the food to the inhabitants/visitors of Sittard.

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