Honorable mentions

Team Kohki Hiranuma Architects & Associates (KHAA)

A piece of canopy spread on top of the hill.

We proposed an idea set around the basement parking on the north of the location site.

The roads in Sittard are narrow and high in density. To balance this congestion, we set the base point of access to the city to a place where it has less traffic congestion. In this way, the

congestion will not be concentrated in one point, rather distribute and be able to control the traffic.

Relatively, setting an open public space to be the centre of the city, where residents and tourists gather and enjoy the nature atmosphere while utilized as a buffer from the congested roads.

Mound the soil like a hill and set on a higher level in order to have a great scenery of the city. In addition, place the canopy above this hill and provide well-ventilated semi-outdoor space. The spiral canopy extends to the basement, which becomes an access to the basement parking. The design of the space was to integrate Sittard Museum and cafés along this spiral canopy.

Kohki Hiranuma

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