Entry 167

The Golden Heart of Watersley

Peace and quiet. That’s the main theme in Watersley. A rustic rural, scenic area for young athletes to focus on the objective.

The area is characterised by a golden heart where houses are located and where you can find places to meet and relax in aserene environment. The specially designedconstruction – Sportwalk – offers bothshelter and connection with the amenities outside of the domestic heart. It also offers structure for future developments to berealised in other parts of the area.The Sportwalk has the character of a runtrack, but can be seen as a pergola or a dryrunning area as well. Made of concrete and wood and decorated by brass elements, this is the leading structure representative of thewhole Watersley area.

The heart contains the existing residential pavilions but two of them will shift in orientation. This creates an open character as well as visual lines to the buildingsoutside the heart. On the south side of thearea, a large residential ensemble will beadded with 100 units in total. This ensembleconsists of pavilions, quadrant homes and a stacked apartment building. All residential buildings located in the heart of Watersleywill be connected to one another and tothe Sportwalk by a paved urban square.

The heart and surrounding area will be decorated with accustomed planting for aplateau; calcareous grass in which plantslike fine-leaved Sandwort and Gymnadeniafind their habitat. Trees like hornbeam andlinden tree will be planted on the plateauas well. In the central heart there is space availablefor water storage, with the possibility ofcreating new waterways leading to the Watersley grub. The plateau and the woods will keep their original beauty.

Taddeüs van der Weege
Gert-Jan van der Berg
Maarten Hulsenboom
Jolien Verschoor
Tim Bicanic
Femke Bergisch

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