Entry 166

Sport Gardens

Sport gardens re-use and repair the existing garden layout by strengthening its existing qualities. The housing and secondary functions are enclosed by existing and new hedges. These hedges form garden rooms each with their own planting of fruit trees. This way the amalgam of existing structures is spatially and visually embedded within the garden landscape. The hedges create a clear spatial framework.

The public buildings – the flat, plaza, powerhouse and cloister – stand alone and function as visual anchors. Together this creates a logical campus organised around lines of sight tying the campus together.

The dynamo – designed as a track field – connects the flat, powerhouse and plaza. The dynamo functions as the main promenade where visitors enter the campus and its inhabitants meet. The dynamo is lined with furniture that create places to rest, stretch or exercise.

The hedge framework is connected to the sport paths running through the surrounding landscape. Making the forest accessible from all the housing units. The Powerhouse is cut in two, creating two parts: housing and sport. The new cut creates a new landscape axis embedding the Powerhouse in the overall logic of the campus of garden rooms and stand-alone objects. From the housing the centre is subtracted to create a sports patio. The housing is anchored within the hedge framework by its new green facade. The new and existing parts of the sports centre are tied together by its new spray plaster facade. Creating a distinct architectural object that subtlety references.

M & DB

Dorus Meurs
Michael Daane Bolier

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