Entry 162

The Lighthouse Keepers

Concise removals and insertions enhance the offer and support the residents in a manner that is essential but not intrusive to the established Watersley character.

The Track
The low energy track for electric bicycles and trolleys removes the road network from the heart of the Watersley estate. Freed from asphalt intrusion, the community may explore the Watersley opportunities within a more natural setting.

The Veins
Through this heart run the veins of suggested routes, identified by a change in the colour of the trees, extending the copper beeches along the time worn paths as a visual landscape connection between Watersley and the local connections and sports centres.

The Lighthouses
The Vuurtoren – brand towers – are a beacon and a guide, an orientation and a service point on the low energy track. The lighthouses house families that together provide support to the residents of Watersley.  An extension of the Workshop, the lighthouse keepers offer essential sustenance, health, cleanliness, clothing, entertainment, enlightenment and guidance. The lighthouses harness the environment to enhance sustainability – collecting the wind, sun and rain to the benefit of their functions.  Within the low profile modernism of the Watersley buildings they provide visual orientation by day and beacons of surety by night.

The Modern Context
In contrast, the enhancement of the buildings and those that are new maintain and strengthen the existing character of Watersley, consolidating the forms to modern simplicity and adding courtyards to increase light and air and the opportunity for protected external uses.

Trisha Chauhan

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