Entry 157

Restore Coherence

Restore coherence is a vision for the Watersley. The landscape of Watersley Sports and Talentpark offers a huge variety of different landscapes. These landscapes have their own quality. A unique area that should be preserved as much as possible. The type of landscapes provide peace, movement and relaxation. These are the ingredients that can increase the performance of the athletes.

Although the spatial coherence has fallen apart. To create coherence in the landscape the spatial circulation offers a solution.

By Introduce a ring-structure that increases the coherence between the landscape types with a central heart in the middle. The centre forms the heart of the Watersley this is the place where the social cluster forms and unify the different types of landscapes. The centre is also the place where the name Watersley express itself. Characteristic of the central area is the water square. This square is a reminder of the name Watersley, the place where water is collected.

Garry Leisberg

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