2nd Prize

Embrace en Connect

This plan looks at how to most effectively incorporate the new philosophies for care, known collectively as ‘Care 2.0,’ as well as how to integrate the surrounding neighbourhood. As the client’s world is becoming ever more closed, this plan looks at how to make this world as large and as healthy as possible. An important part of Care 2.0 is the focus on the individual. Residents have the freedom to go to an environment in which they feel comfortable at the time. However, because the residents live according to a clear daily routine, they also require variation in how they move around the building and the experiences they feel in the different areas. In light of this, there needs to be scope for a personal dynamic and a focus on creating space that is stimulating and helps individuals to develop. While a section of the existing buildings is renovated, the remaining section is clustered in order to create a large central area. Featuring the season square, recreation garden, and vegetable gardens, this area is designed as a park for use by residents and members of the neighbourhood, and can also be used as a location for activities. In essence, the public area and design of the plan are about ‘embracing and connecting’.

Maarten Thewissen

Studio Komma

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