2nd Prize

Social Recipe for Careful Living

Atelier van Lanen

This design sought to achieve a building configuration that provides the best conditions for care, public space, and residents. By renovating existing buildings and demolishing housing units at several locations, it is possible to create a wall that accentuates the green structure, blending into the neighbourhood. Functional buildings as well as buildings used for activities (depending on residents’ daytime activities) are constructed at three locations, while various housing clusters are located in the interior park. This configuration enables staff to monitor the units and provides residents with their own space while offering the possibility to interact. Alongside areas for care facilities and staff, the plan includes three different types of residential units that cater to a broad spectrum: from residents who are able to live independently to those who require more intensive care. While the plan establishes a connection to the neighbourhood, it also gives residents a choice in how they live, in turn ensuring that they enjoy a pleasant living environment.


Atelier van Lanen olv. Twan van Lanen

Rodj Ommar & Jaap Ruhl

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