Honorable Mentions

Mikado Horst

Strategically, this plan focuses on conserving existing buildings and using the garden as a connecting element that can be used for other purposes, if required. As the entrance to the site, the main building will also have a multi-purpose function and serve as the venue for monthly activities for both Mikado residents and the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, the square behind the main building serves as a meeting point and a space for outdoor activities. Located next to the main building, the ‘Green House Café’ sells organic products harvested from the on-site community garden. The existing residential units are redesigned with a greater use of natural light, and also feature car and bicycle parking facilities. As the plan takes into account the needs and wishes of all users, the remaining public area is large enough to accommodate other activities such as a neighbourhood barbecue, yoga, sports, and other outdoor events. There is also space for a community garden and other public activities.

Kali Marnane and Tess Martin

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