3rd Prize

3rd Prize

Crystallize Watersley

Putting sport at the centre with a new infrastructure.
Crystallize Watersley transforms the existing infrastructure. The road for cars has been put out of the core area and still all the buildings are accessible. At the core area, it is possible to come with a car, but it is not possible to stay here. Parking lots are located at the 2nd ring. By defining a water structure around the core area, it gives a physical barrier for the inner structure. This gives a spatial structure to the athletes who are staying in this area, where you also find the running/skate/ice track that emphasizes Watersley as sports campus.

The second ring is mainly focusing on growth of the area. The existing buildings are getting a new transformation by the crystallizing process by adding glass structures. Every building has now a different architectural style. By adding this new layer on each building the whole camping gets a new identity. These new spaces give also opportunities to implement new public functions to upgrade the functionality of the area because this new image of the Watersley domain should also invite a new public.

The third ring should focus on the quality of the domain. By implement a new parkour both for sports or hiking. It shows the beauty of the landscape. Together with the cloister it creates a breath taking route. Crystallize Watersley is ready for the future, a place of tension, beauty and peace.

Urban Mitosis

Suet Chan

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