3rd Prize

3rd Prize

Watersley Sport Campus

Our design combines various organizing principles with structures and programme that emphasize the re-orientation of the site around a densified and typologically differentiated central core that will become the “Athletes village”. In the middle of the village a public walkway functions as a multifunctional sport facility that also delineates a central square/fields where all kinds of sports and social activities can be organized.

The walkway is also the main public structure of the site and connects the central square to the main buildings on site. In this way the common functions and shared sports facilities on the site have a clearer centrality. The walkway has a high visual recognisability and should ultimately become the emblem of Watersley. The powerhouse, which houses the pool and other shared sport facilities is designed as a stadium that faces a start and finish line from where various routes are planned. Athletes can playfully, socially and/or competitively compare their fastest time on sprints or longer distances.


Christopher Hendrik de Vries
David Rademacher
Jesse van der Ploeg
Suzanne van de Pol

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