3rd Prize


Slow city

Citta slow (Italian for slow city) is a movement started in Italy. Slow city’s philosophy is inspired from the slow food concept. Slow cities promote high-quality healthy living with maintaining identity, humanity, environment and history. It’s about a different and sustainable way of development.

Principles & values

l. Look for the best knowledge of the past with the best possibilities of the future.

2. Maintain the local identity and increase the value of what is truly local (customs, unique food, handmade productions).

3. Planning for strong communities and urban resilience.

4. Healthy connection between the people and the place.

Why Slow?

Sittard, as numerous other cities, has been negatively affected by globalization and large urbanization. Setting the slow city as a goal aims to develop Sittard in a localized way based on what it has. The city enjoys rich history, culture, food that can be refreshed and promoted in new ways and that can be a reference for urban renewal. It also has vast green landscapes and less than 50.000 inhabitants which are few of the requirements to become a slow city.


– 5 strategies: Our proposal is composed of 5 physical and non-physical strategies at different levels and scales. Those strategies will integrate to address the issues of Sittard and to achieve the urban renewal in order to reach the goal of slow city.

5 strategies solving issues urban renewal slow city

Framework: We culminated the proposal by a framework that aims to clarify the mechanism of applying the work on the ground.

Luca Amendola
Gianluca Geroli
Martina Benedetti
Barbara Gatti
Kamilla Latypova
Marzia De Giovanni
Davide De Zorzi
Giacomo Geroli
Ayman Alanssary

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