2nd Prize

Team Melita

Sell local to (un)local

The project wants to bring back the idea of Sittard as a specialized city, for local people and for tourists. We are proposing to implement the number of specialized shops owned by local people. In this way Sittard citizens can create a strong community and tourists would be more attracted by local products, typical of Sittard or the whole region of Limburg.

Moreover, a conceptual and graphical strip connects the existence with new designed areas. These spaces become small public spaces for relaxing and enjoying; it crosses the centre from the train station to the Market Square embracing the city life in a unique identity. The strip enters in the vacant shops bringing new activities that become generators for the whole redevelopment.


  • A -> Attract (shop cases)
  • B -> Urban (street intervention)
  • C -> Temporary (shop)
  • D -> Connect (between the interventions)

All these developments need the help of the municipality in collaboration with the local

community. By involving the local community and offering a chance to donate a free amount of money or mutual-found, it is possible to help the new occupants of the empty buildings for the first months.

Prisca Arosio
Vittoria Rossi

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