2nd Prize

2nd Prize

Made in Watersley

Watersley: a residential, sports and rehabilitation estate offering healthy food, exercise, and living.  Watersley is a sports biotope that closely weaves together the quality of the estate and of top athletes. A place that helps top athletes thrive by offering them space for rest, informal encounters, education, and inspiration. But Watersley is also a healthy estate that cherishes its natural landscape structures and strives for self-reliance, whether through growing food or producing energy. The estate provides space for top athletes but also for visitors who return home with locally grown vegetables bearing the ‘Made in Watersley’ label.

Nature as a basis
The existing landscape structures, the wooded slopes and plateaus, determine the estate’s organisation. Our goal is to restore and extend the forests, with attention to the original flora and water management. The forest becomes more open as you reach the heart of the estate, the buildings are located within open spaces.

The Sportsloop
The Sportsloop will become the podium of Made in Watersley! It links athletes to functions on the estate and functions as an access road, but is also the perfect place to exercise, meet others or transport goods.

Stay grow play
The estate is structured around a ‘play’ area for relaxation, a small-scale ‘stay’ residential area, and a sports-stimulating ‘grow’ area. The Sportsloop divides the private from the public area, and provides access to all buildings except the country house. The Sportsloop provides flexibility. In time, new buildings can be built along the loop!

Lisette Plouvier & Oase Stedenbouw en Landschap

Lisette Plouvier
Stephen Tas
Eline Keus

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