1st Prize

1st Prize

A dedicated state of mind

As cultural, communal and even spiritual happenings, legendary sports events occupy a special place in our collective conscience. The events themselves become historic highlights, performers are revered and venues honoured as hallowed grounds. From the athlete’s perspective, a string of singular aspects and all-compassing processes have to be in place to be able to grow and play. A top-notch achievement requires full concentration as well as the utmost relaxation. It is the focussed, yet relaxed mind that allows the relaxed, yet powered-up body to perform.

To develop the skills, physical characteristics and mental abilities required for every challenge, calls for a lifestyle of sacrifice and meticulous preparation. A dedicated state of mind. A favourable balance between the physical and the mental is the ultimate goal in the development of the individual. Every option for physical development is provided within the existing infrastructure of surrounding facilities and venues. Watersley Sports & Talent Park will be the location for mental relaxation. A refuge for focused introspection, where you can break free from the physical, to discover your inner strengths. As a retreat Watersley Sports & Talent Park will offer a range of amenities to recharge,

meditate, seclude or relax. With its monastic heritage, the landscape and the addition of religious artefacts still present, these grounds provide pre-eminent possibilities for a premium international athlete’s retreat. In all aspects of the architectural plan, the athlete will be able to enjoy full privacy, have the choice for complete seclusion or can opt to meet and engage with other people – from within or outside the sports world.

Kettinghuls & B+B Stedenbouw en Landschapsarchitectuur

Daniëlle Huls
Monica Ketting
Anna Fink
Angelo Renna
Jules van Veen

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