Honorable Mentions

Velp’s food cabinet

We suggest to change the terrain as a Velp’s foodcabinet. The plan aims to connect clients with the people of Velp by changing from the big empty terrain to growing, producing and supporting to food in Velp. The current terrain is a large empty space which people rarely use.

The existing buildings: The daycare center and offices- frame the entrance to the village of Velp, but the buildings are for special users and Velp’s people cannot enter them. Our design changes this situation. We change the terrain by inviting grow produce there.

We think that working on the farm should be part of the training of daycare in this Terrain. This makes disabled people feel part of the daily life of the people of Velp, and makes the people of Velp feel the disabled people are part of the local community.

We designed 3 gardens and 2 buildings. The long residential building joins to the farmworkshop and the lunchroom at the center of the gardens. The shorter buildingcontain the market and the therapy space and the office. The market is the end of the ‘Produceline’. If we grow produce there, and sell it in Velp, the Terrain will be part of the daily life of the people of Velp. And new social relationships will develop between the disabled people and the local people.

Ayumi Tsukamoto
Natsuki Sakurai
Lai Yuan
Lu Chang

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