2nd Prize


Connecting Clusters is an intuitive plan strategy that combines the historical landscape structure with an innovative approach to care and society. Introducing qualitative public space, and at the same time create a safe home for the clients. The location has a historic grid structure of beech and oak lanes, which form open landscape rooms. Over history, the grid proved to be a stable and flexible framework, capable of accommodating multiple functions side by side. In its present time, it offers the possibility for efficient allotment and phased development. In order to make the grid facilitate a care environment, we put a configuration of care clusters over it. The care clusters offer clients a protected place within the open area. The two layers together make a rich layered plan strategy, combining the best of both worlds. In its complexity however, the plan remains flexible, and it will be surprisingly simple to move with the tide of the market. The perception of the client is put central. Not as an eccentric, but as a full part of society. This we put through in all scales of the project, trying to establish interaction between care and village life. On the site of the old office buildings, we introduced an entrance to the area with a small-scale square. Thanks to the cluster configurations, we can mix care functions with the other programs, with double use where possible. In the care buildings themselves, we introduce a stroll typology with multiple living rooms.

Maarten Thewissen
Joost van Rooijen

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