3rd Prize

Velp On

The clients of Dichterbij must be able to live as normal as possible and, where possible, participate in today’s society. This vulnerable group must find safety and security in their living environment, but at the same time be challenged to undertake work and work-related activities.

The current care center is located in the periphery of Velp. There is little connection between the village center and the care center, but due to the presence of a primary school, a community center and a nursing home for the elderly on the site, the potential is already there. By adding program, such as a small supermarket, a HOED, a lunchroom, urban farming and various sports facilities and playgrounds, the villagers and visitors become more involved in the lives of mentally disabled people and vice versa. The new care center is being built up as a modest village: with a ‘brink’ in which, like a ‘kralen- ketting’, various public functions are situated, combined with a rural housing program. The scale and recognisability of the various buildings and spaces is of great importance: after all, the client can not feel lost anywhere. We deliberately opt for compact and detached buildings so clients and employees have literally get out on the streets. The houses, public buildings and public spaces ensure an optimal climate of ‘meeting each other’ due to their location. The existing program is included in the new fabric.

Safe and secure
The houses are situated between and especially behind the public program. The residential buildings are suitable for small groups, but also suitable as independent units and even as single-family houses. A much more diverse living environment is envisaged. The buildings have a scale that matches a rural atmosphere. The architecture of the buildings is abstract, archetypal and village style. The houses are placed in a park-like landscape; they all have communal gardens, but due to the orientation on narrow secondary roads and the landscape, enough private space is created for each house.

Marc Benerink
Mitchel van Ostaijen
Charan Rozendaal
Hessel Kleindop

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