Entry 7

Healthcare 2.0.

As the design of the current buildings means there is less surface required for construction, the plan instead focuses on providing more space for public parks and various functions. The residential units are individual apartments with a bedroom and bathroom. The rest of the areas, such as the kitchen and living room, are located in Mikado’s main building. As a result, buildings C and F can be used as a venue for daytime activities, while building D can be used for socializing (to meet family or friends). The configuration of the buildings creates two sorts of public areas: semi-public and public. The semi-public area is communal and may be used by the residents, whereas the public area – designed as a park – features a sunken square that may be used by the neighbourhood. The sunken square may be used as an open-air venue for various activities that aim to bring together members of the neighbourhood and Mikado residents.

Carnoiu Sabin

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