Honorable Mentions

Undivided society – Care 2.0

“Uncle Vernon,

Thank you for my birthday present, I wanted to let you know how I am doing. Since I moved to Dichterbij Velp I have looked forward to getting up in the morning. I have been here for a while now and although it was really good when I first came and I made loads of friends, we all had to go to the old octagon building for our lessons which wasn’t very nice. Now we’ve got new buildings and we even have some of our lessons down near the farm where the rabbits are just outside. We also get to help out on the farm, me and Lucas get to hand out the tickets and we tell the visitors about the goats and the Llamas.

I also help in the café on Saturdays and Mr Peters says that I am really good at talking to the customers; we have to introduce ourselves and ask if they want anything to drink. My adding up is not very good, but when I am older I hope to be able to work the on till. We have lots of people who come from the village and I enjoy meeting them. Sometimes they show a film in the Arts centre but I only like the funny ones, me and my friends sit on the front row.

Everyone is really nice and I am enjoying it here, I hope I see you soon.

Love from Luuk”

Kaitlin Allen
Alan Harper
Alan Ramsay
Dan Copley

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