1st Prize

The Manor Horst

The plan aims to create a rural feel by reflecting the historic character of the buildings in the Dutch village of Horst. The current building layout is relatively closed and the inner areas are difficult to access. To counter this, the plan opens up the premises by reconfiguring the locations of the residential units. The plan also lays down specific locations for buildings in order to differentiate between the various public areas. This configuration results in a square and garden that integrate the current main building into the plan. At the same time, the main access point will be shifted to the sides of the plot, improving the site’s security and forming footpaths through the area. The plan aims to ensure that everyone feels at home. In light of this, it has created a multi-purpose area that caters to the needs of various target groups. Additionally, the configuration of buildings also creates a generous amount of space as well as appealing scenery for the neighbourhood and residents.

Renzo Veenstra

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