Entry 11

Courtyards within courtyards

The name says it all: this plan is centred on courtyards within courtyards. While the current buildings are renovated, the courtyard at the Mikado site is completely covered with a roof, in turn acting as a connection between the different buildings and improving the structure of the building for residents. The courtyard features a number of patios that can be used as a surface for a swimming pool, enclosed garden, or other purpose. The sheltered communal areas and the patios are open and accessible for everyone. Inspired by new philosophies in care provision, known collectively as ‘Care 2.0,’ the design aims to provide the scope for a variety of uses. In addition to this, the varied nature of activities and the accessibility of the area create sufficient scope for interaction between the residents, families, and the members of the neighbourhood surrounding Mikado.

Hwanjong Yeo

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