1nd prize

Team Spicy


Shopping behaviour of people has changed: shopping has become a leisure activity. However, nowadays you can buy everything on the internet. This phenomenon will change the type of retail dramatically. in the coming years. We respond to this by creating alternative spatial conditions allowing another kind of small scale and creative retail which can be named as a ‘breeding ground’. The characteristics of the shopping program in the Steenstraat should connect to the small, innovative and local, if possible artisan entrepreneur. We do not want to add extra shopping program, but we would like to change its characteristics radically. To give chance to these new entrepreneurs and to develop the innovative concept, we will use the concept of the ‘marktkraam’ and apply the slogan ‘Rent for a day.

The Rijksweg, an ancient trade route, will get a new identity, which ensures that both city parts grow back together. We do not foresee a green park, but an active area for pedestrians, athletes, teenagers and young children. In this area the car is a guest, in the realm of the pedestrian.  With the reinvention of the Rijksweg, Sittard will be identified as a city of sports. Jogging facilities which are connected with existing paths near the ancient city walls but also with areas outside the village, skate parks for teenagers, playgrounds for children where they can play safely with their parents watching

In the historic old town, the shopping streets are connected in such way that one can stroll around. The Steenweg is not connected on this fabric of streets and is therefore less attractive. The Steenweg is no more than a route from train sta­tion to city centre. Connecting the Steenweg to a new Cultural Route, as pro­posed in the original Master plan Zitterd ReviSited, the circulation can also be provided.

Marc Benerink
Mitchel van Ostaijen
Charan Rozendaal

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