What’s Cooking?

What do we do? Phidias Community Cooking is an organization that champions broad-minded designers. We ensure that these designers are able to show their thought processes and creativity to the outside world. We do this by organizing competitions relating to problems in the field of town and country planning. Various scale levels are examined in this regard, from public spaces to interiors. We are looking for a solution to relevant issues in the form of a design. We focus primarily on designers who take an open-minded approach to a project. Anything goes! Anything is possible!

Who’s Cooking?

Who are we? We are ‘Phidias Community Cooking,’ a company focusing on resolving relevant issues in the fields of property and town and country planning. We aim not for the customary but for the exceptional. Stepping outside our comfort zone can be a real eye-opener. We scrutinize the existing system and see if things are working as well as they could. By looking further than others do, and by combining all interfaces and common ground in the field of town and country planning, our competitions are about more than just working out the details – the basic idea behind it all also plays an important role.

Why Cooking?

Why have we called ourselves ‘Phidias Community Cooking’? Because we like to compare designing to cookery. We make new products with a focus on innovation. The trick is to modify an existing recipe in such a way that something new is created. By changing certain ingredients, new products can be created, never seen or experienced before. The same applies to designs. We make use of the knowledge we have gathered and modify it to create an innovative design. The more knowledge we have about certain disciplines (or ingredients), the better the end result. It’s all about integrality, synergy, and creativity.

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