Phidias Community Innovation

Phidias’s multidisciplinary team takes an integrated approach to process management in order to focus on developing, implementing, and carrying out exploitation-driven property-related issues and property-driven exploitation-related issues.¬†Redeveloping areas, clusters, and buildings with ‘liveability’ as their main theme are central to this.

Exploitation-driven property-related issues

All kinds of changing exploitation activities, whether growing, shrinking, or mutating, require their own housing dynamic. We view this continued change as the only constant and perform

process management in an innovative and sustainable manner so that we can generate creative property concepts for today and tomorrow. Our teams have all the necessary skills to ensure an integrated approach.

Property-driven exploitation-related issues

We design and implement concepts of exploitation in an innovative and sustainable way, which reinvigorate abandoned property on all scale levels. We adopt a coherent process, which covers stock-tacking up to and including exploitation and the risks that this may hold, to guide us in our work.

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