Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is registered but we did not fulfil the payment yet. In the dashboard we see the competition but it says pending, how can we fulfil payment?

For completing your registration, follow the next steps (You can leave the other payment pending):

  1. Login with your account on the login page.
  2. Go to the page Competitions> Set foot in Sittard
  3. Scroll down and click Participate now
  4. Scroll down and click Add to cart
  5. Fill in the blank spaces and make the payment complete with Paypal

You did not pay for the order before, so you can leave that one pending. When your payment is complete according to the description above, you will get a new document in your team dashboard. If our payment is approved, this is going to be the document you can download and the document witch provides access to the upload page.

I have paid the fee and completed the registration, but where can I find the download document? And the uploading page?

After your payment the registration is complete. If you go to your team dashboard (the page after you logged in) and scroll down, you will find a header called OUR COMPETIONS. Bellow the header you will see the competitions your participating in or participated in before. If you completed the payment the name of the competition turns into a link, click on the name of the competition. You will go to the page with the documents and the uploading page.

After I logged in at the login page, the login header disappears. How can I go to my team dashboard page?

You cannot go back on your team dashboard page without the login header. There are two options to go back to your team dashboard:

  1. Restart your computer and open the site, after you logged in on the webpage the header stays.
  2. Delete your browser history and cashes. After deleting go to the webpage, now the header will stay

If these two options do not work you can always go to your team dashboard by following this link:

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